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We are the manufacturer and trader of  100% Compostable & 100% Biodegradable products approved by Government of India- CPCB CIPET KSPCB. Our Products are made from patented raw materials which are made from natural starch like Tapioca , Corn Starch, Vegetable Oil Derivatives and Vegetable Waste.

Our B2B E-Commerce 100% Biodegradable & 100% Compostable Shop Is India’s First portal of its type. This provides hassle free platform to  Bulk buyers, Dealers, Distributors, and corporates to order single use plastic products for their industries with door to door delivery service.

We have an international standard manufacturing capacity of more than 300 tons per month in 50,000 Sqft of area  for biodegradable products. Most of our units are  IS/ISO 17088 certified.We are looking forward to join hand with individuals and companies to become our Dealer , Distributor or Manufacturing Partner across the globe to save nature, make our mother earth plastic free and build a toxic-free environment. We also provide raw materials which is the best substitute to existing plastic pellets and can be substituted by existing plastic making plant


100% Biodegradable

Our bag is made out of Tapioca, Vegetable oil, Glycerin, etc. and it’s a 100% biodegradable & 100% Compostable.

Eco Friendly​

The most eco-friendly bio green bags which will be decomposed in 180 days.


The bag is reliable as it is fully tested.

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We are Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in India

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A must need product for saving our country from plastic. The bag is very good, No problem found till yet so this is the best biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in India.


Chromogreen and their team is doing what we need now to safe our earth make it green and pollution free again.


It is pleasure to carry these bags which are totally environment supporters. It is everyone’s duty to use these bags for protecting our mother earth.


I noticed this in TV about these type of biodegradable plastic bags.I am very much glad to say that these are made in India. Hats off gentlemen for ur contribution to this nationContinue for growing and innovating.


They are not only taking care of our environment but the quality of bags also.Very happy with the products so i would say they are one of the best.


Dear team it was a Good Experience and very helpful staff please sell your product online so that we can also purchase your products like biodegradable garbage bags,biodegradable carry bags and bioplastic bags .


Save Our Future: Chromogreen

Our Bags Are Not Only What This Planet Needs, Its What This Planet Deserves​

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Manufacturer In India: Chromogreen

frequently asked questions

The primary difference between compostable and biodegradable is that compostable products require a specific setting in order to break down, whereas biodegradable products break down naturally. Hence, 100% Biodegradable products like our Hot water soluble bags are definitely better than out 100 compostable PLA products and other restaurant products but it is expensive and also have limited applications.

Biodegradable or compostable plastics take 30 to 180 days to decompose completely. A lot faster than artificial counterparts that take a number of hundred years. Accurately how lengthy biodegradable bags take to crash down will depend on many componentssimilar to temperature and the quantity of moisture present.

Degradable bags are commonly mistaken for biodegradable bags. But unlike biodegradable bags, they do not break down into the water, carbon dioxide and biomass. A degradable bag is still a petroleum-based plastic bag that breaks down into smaller pieces.

Sounds too good to imagine – Because its a a plastic that doesn’t use our restricted fossil fuels plus reduces greenhouse fuel emissions.

To make conventional plastics – the ones we’ve come to love yet hate, such as PE, PP, PET – we dig up fossil fuels to refine into petrochemicals. That’s a hefty process which increases C02 in the atmosphere. You’re right on the money if you’re thinking about higher average temperatures, the greenhouse effect and more floods, thunderstorms and droughts.

CHROMOGREEN’s Evergreen (TM) are the best Hot Water Soluble 100% biodegradable plastic bag manufacturers and suppliers of Biodegradable products, compostable carry bags. We are the the only company Manufacturing 100% Hot Water Soluble and 100% Compostable Bag under natural circumstances and is approved by CPCB and CIPET.

By Ordering our Product Sample Kit you will become our authorised respective Dealer or Reseller. Kit will have 15 Sample Bags of different types with Dealer or Re-sellers Margin Rate Card.And many Other documents.

You can become a Distributor of any City by giving us a commitment of min 1 Ton order per month and 10 Lacs 90% refundable deposit. Product Sample Kit will have all the details including agreement form with Distributor Margins Rate Card with other informations.

You can become Manufacturing Partner by investing in 1.25 Cr for a 15 Ton Plant and upto 2.9 Cr for a 40 Ton Plant. Government is also offering 25% rebate in this sector. A full 28 Page business plan with all the calculation with ROI and Margin Rate Card is available with the Product Sample Kit. If this sounds expensive you can also set up a cutting sealing and printing plant at a cost close to 25 to 30 Lacs.

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