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We’re Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in India.

They look like plastic bags but are made of materials like natural Tapioca and vegetable oil derivatives.

If placed in a glass of water at a normal temperature, Biodegradable plastic bags dissolve in a day. And when these bags are placed in a glass of boiling water, it dissolves in just 15 seconds.

These bags take less than 180 days to biodegrade naturally once discarded.So users can throw them away without worrying about harming the environment.

The compostable carry bags are even edible and will cause no harm to animals if ingested. In case you want these products, be happy to contact us.

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Who we are?

Chromogreen Pvt Ltd is a newly established value-driven company of biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in India founded by visionaries, professionals with determination and persistent determination. 

Therefore, having successful 3 decades of industry background, now with its new offering to save nature and make our mother earth plastic free and to build a toxic-free environment.

We have started a company “CHROMOGREEN PVT LTD” in Bangalore, India. Having a manufacturer of biodegradable products capacity of 60 tons per month with 10,000 sft of the area meets international standards. 

At the heart of our success is the perfect blend of man and state of art manufacturing unit working in cooperation. To a particular place to create world-class infrastructure and to achieve the best quality and technical excellence.

Well, we work harmoniously to offer natural products and services to our exterior and interior clients by way of consistency in high quality and reliability, in response to the native and worldwide clientsrequirements and progress.

Guaranteeing constant improvements in bio polymer technology and developments as well as the security and health of our staff of their work atmosphere and in addition the mother nature.

Whereas maintaining probably the most excellent requirements of enterprise practices in all our efforts.In other words, we are Biodegradable Plastic Bags suppliers ,so we search to bring in newness and recent power into the group and to the outer world.

Increasing Demand for Biodegradable Plastic Bags in the whole world

Plastic bag is a bag manufactured from lean, handy plastic materials, particularly one with handles provided by a store to carry items bought there. It has been invented for more than 50 years since its inception in India. 

However, now the world is utilizing a big quantity of poly bags for carrying items and preserving meals. The polythene bags are part of a trendy life-style.

Well, you should know about its Life Cycle

Anyway, many of the polybags will exist on this planet even after they’re deposed.The random use of plastic buying bags has been a main and visual environmental downside for a lot of nations on this planet. 

A landfill survey in 2015 in India signifies that some 20 billion plastic purchasing bags are disposed of at landfills yearly.

This interprets into greater than three plastic purchasing bags per particular person per day, which apparently transcend the capability of the pure atmosphere.

Many nations in Europe and America are actually pushing using biodegradable plastic bags which are compostable in assured services.

Original 100% Biodegradable Plastic Bags Needs To Be Compostable​

There are worldwide requirements for plastic bag composting. Individually the compostable carry bags association with these requirements are licensed biodegradable.

In other words, the patron tendency is making a variety of plastic bags producers switching to the manufacturing of atmosphere pleasant bags.

These bags are a bit dearer however extra pleasant to our surroundings.

100% Biodegradable

Our bag is made out of Tapioca, Vegetable oil, Glycerin, etc. and it’s a 100% biodegradable.

Eco Friendly​

The most eco-friendly bio green bags which will be decomposed in 180 days.


The bag is reliable as it is fully tested.

about our philosophy

  • Compostable products can bio-degrade in any conditions whether its dumped into landfill, ocean, chemical and industrial processes.
  • Compostable material when dumped into landfills or home composting areas acts as a fertilizer for the soil and makes the land more fertile.
  • Dissolves in Hot Water above 80 degrees.
  • When it’s lit it burns like paper.
  • Finally, we are proud to introduce one of the leading manufacturers Eco-friendly Water Soluble Compostable Bags in India especially at Bangalore, India. The concept which is already existing in European Countries.
say no to plastic yes to world: Chromogreen

How Biodegradable Plastic bags manufactured?

According to Wikipedia, biodegradable plastic bags are made accurately the same means as standard plastic bags.
You need to use biodegradable resin because of the raw materials.

The biodegradable resin contains an additive like starch. While you put natural matter inside, the bacteria eat up the starch and the plastic disintegrates.

Right here the granules soften and spread out like a bubble of thin-film which is air-cooled. The round bubble then collapses because it passes via nip rollers (topmost point) and the collapsed film is wound on a roller.

At this time, Please do not forget that when a round bubble will get collapsed, you get two layers of film. The steel hoppers are the ones from which the resin granules are fed. The roller on which the film is wound is then taken to the finishing department for printing, cutting and making bags by sealing one end of the required size.

In other words, we can say that  we produce 100% organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly products made from natural starch, vegetable oil derivatives, and vegetable waste. Their bag manufacturing process is entirely different from that of plastic, cloth, or paper bags.

We use 12 ingredients, including potato, tapioca, corn, natural starch, vegetable oil, banana, and flower oil. All raw materials are first turned into liquids and then undergo a six-step procedure until the end product is formed.

We don’t use any chemicals at all. Even the paint used for printing on the bags is natural and organic.

Why we should use only Biodegradable?

Biodegradable Plastic Bags are excellent for the atmosphere as they’re very efficient for proper waste administration.
The microorganisms can simply decompose them and change them into helpful natural compounds
Unlike plastic bags, they don’t leave behind any poisonous chemical compounds after decomposing.

However, manufacturing of compostable bins & bags doesn’t absorb a lot of energy.As we are compostable carry bags manufacturers, so we know this very well.

What does this mean for you?

They help in the reduction of the greenhouse effect and provide essential nutrients back to the soil. Regular plastic bags are non-biodegradable and occupy useless areas within the landfills and choke the storm drains resulting in floods.


  • Are made from Tapioca material.
  • Package Contain:- 85 Pic
  • Are created from a patented mineral and organic-based compound.
  • If littered or misplaced, these biodegradable bags degrade to a non-toxic residue.
  • Recyclable.
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Plastic Free & Eco-friendly
  • Made From Starch & Biodegrade Within 180 Days
  • It’s alternative to plastic which helps to save Nature

Characteristics Of Raw Materials

  • Made from natural starches(TAPIOCA) & vegetable oil derivatives
  • Non-toxic to the environment, animals and plants
  • Contains no conventional plastic at all
  • Has an antistatic feature a dust repellent
  • Good oxygen barrier a corrosion prevention
  • Good oil and grease resistance
  • Softens in water at room temperature
  • Use alcohol based & heavy metal free printing inks
  • Safe if accidentally consumed by animals

Compostable Bag Can Test Through

  • Dissolvable in high temperature water (>80C)
  • When its lit it burns like paper
  • its land filled decomposes in 180 days

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We are Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in India

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A must need product for saving our country from plastic. The bag is very good, No problem found till yet so this is the best biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in India.


Chromogreen and their team is doing what we need now to safe our earth make it green and pollution free again.


It is pleasure to carry these bags which are totally environment supporters. It is everyone’s duty to use these bags for protecting our mother earth.


I noticed this in TV about these type of biodegradable plastic bags.I am very much glad to say that these are made in India. Hats off gentlemen for ur contribution to this nationContinue for growing and innovating.


They are not only take care of our environment but the quality of bags also.Very happy with the products so i would say they are one of the best.


Dear team it Was a Good Experience and very helpful Staff please sell your product online so that we can also purchase your products like biodegradable garbage bags,biodegradable carry bags and bioplastic bags .


Save Our Future: Chromogreen

Our Bags Are Not Only What This Planet Needs, Its What This Planet Deserves​

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Manufacturer In India: Chromogreen

frequently asked questions

Biodegradable plastics take 3 to 6 months to decompose completely. That’s a lot faster than artificial counterparts that take a number of hundred years.Accurately how lengthy biodegradable bags take to crash down will depend on many componentssimilar to temperature and the quantity of moisture present.

Biodegradable bags are commonly mistaken for biodegradable bags. But unlike biodegradable bags, they do not break down into the water, carbon dioxide and biomass. A degradable bag is still a petroleum-based plastic bag that breaks down into smaller pieces.

Sounds too good to imagine – a plastic that doesn’t use our restricted fossil fuels plus reduces greenhouse fuel emissions.

To make conventional plastics – the ones we’ve come to love yet hate, such as PE, PP, PET – we dig up fossil fuels to refine into petrochemicals. That’s a hefty process which increases C02 in the atmosphere. You’re right on the money if you’re thinking about higher average temperatures, the greenhouse effect and more floods, thunderstorms and droughts.

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Chromogreen Pvt Ltd is a newly established value-driven enterprise founded by visionaries, professionals with determination.